Cody A. Boykin

Business Development Specialist &
Website Designer

About me

I am the Business Development Specialist and Retirement Plan Consultant for Martin, Martin, Randall & Associates, Inc. with 5 years of experience in Qualified Retirement Planning.

I consult on Retirement Plan Designs and collaborate with Financial Professionals to make your Employer Sponsored Plan successful.

With 5 years in the Retirement Industry, Cody is well rounded regarding Plan Design and Consultation. Cody works closely with the Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution administrators to ensure accurate and reliable plan designs. 

Cody started his career with MMR in 2018 as a Defined Contribution administrator then transitioned to the Document Department to help with Restatements and the SECURE and CARES Act Amendments. Both tenures led to the knowledge needed to become a Marketer and Business Development Specialist. Now, Cody continues to build and grow relationships with Financial professionals to service new and existing clients. 

What I do

Plan design





business Development

My Experience


Hinds Community College

Associates Degree: General Studies

While working as a Pharmacy Technician, Cody juggled school, work and a full ride scholarship for Golf. After graduation, Cody took time away from school to pursue a career in Pharmacy.


Mississippi State University

Bachelors Degree: communication in public relations and marketing

While in College, Cody continued working as a Pharmacy Technician to pay his way to be the first male in his family to graduate from College. After, Cody was hired at MMR as an Administrator.


Martin, Martin, Randall & Associates, Inc.

Business Development Specialist

With a short tenure in administration, Cody quickly moved to the Document Department to learn and expand his knowledge of the Retirement Industry. After receiving two designations, AKA and APA, Cody became the Business Development Specialist and Retirement Plan Consultant for MMR.

Fun Facts to Know and Tell

Cody enjoys playing golf, strumming the guitar and singing his favorite tunes, spending time with his family and friends, technology and spending time outdoors. 

Favorite Bible verse: Psalms 55:22; Jeremiah 29:11 

Favorite Book: Make Your Bed – Admiral William H. McRaven 

Favorite Movie:  Remember the Titans 

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