Awbrey Childress

Enrolled Actuary

About me

I am the Enrolled Actuary and Actuarial Consultant for Martin, Martin, Randall & Associates, Inc. handling Defined Benefit Administration.

I consult on Actuarial Sciences while working as a Defined Benefit Administrator.

With years of experience in the Retirement Industry, Awbrey got his start in Defined Benefit Administration. Awbrey immediately excelled in the industry and wanted to further his career. With his mind made up, Awbrey pursued the prestigious designation of Enrolled Actuary and became a vital part of our MMR team.

What I do

Actuarial Science

Defined Benefit Administration


My Experience


Auburn University

Chemical Engineering

Awbrey was going to become a chemical engineer until he fell into a vat of radioactive spreadsheets.


Martin, Martin, Randall & Associates, Inc.

Defined Benefit administrator

During the day Awbrey works as a mild-mannered Pension Actuary, while at night he dedicates his time to fighting crime. Awbrey's specific areas of expertise include Plan Design, Actuarial Calculations and Defined Benefit Administration.


Internal Revenue Service

Enrolled Actuary

In 2020, Awbrey succeeded in completing his E.A. designation through the IRS. Now, Awbrey is the sole Enrolled Actuary at Martin, Martin, Randall & Associates, Inc.

Fun Facts to Know and Tell

Awbrey spends most of his free time watching baseball and doing yard work. In 2012, Awbrey was self-given the title, “Picasso of the 401(a)(4) General Test.” 

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