MMR believes the cost of Administration of Retirement Plans should not be burdensome.  By specializing in just Design and Record-Keeping of Qualified Retirement Plans, we are able to maintain low costs while providing top-level experience to you and your participants.  We strive to maintain a fee structure that is more affordable than those found in national firms, usually one-third to one-half of other competitors’ fees.


Defined Contribution Services

There are many types of Qualified Defined Contribution Plans, some requiring detailed record-keeping services and others requiring actuarial calculations.  MMR performs all necessary record-keeping functions for each type of plan.  We provide complete reports showing each participant’s account balance and options available to them, such as loans and hardship distributions.


Actuarial Services

Our Defined Benefit experts provide complete and accurate actuarial calculations on all Transitional and Hybrid Pension Plans, including Funding Calculations, FASB Reporting and Benefit Calculations.



MMR understands that you and your business are unique and we realize that your economic and personal needs can change.  Whether modifying your existing plan or establishing a new one, MMR reviews your goals to determine the correct plan to meet your objectives.  Thereafter, your assigned Plan Specialist can review your plan to make sure the Plan fits within your particular situation.


Plan Documents

MMR maintains IRS approved Regional Prototype Plan Documents for Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Plans.  We also provide individually drafted documents to fit many requirements outside of the mainstream Plan specifications.


Reporting and Disclosure

MMR prepares all required government forms set forth by the IRS, DOL and PBGC along with accompanying schedules, including Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report, PBGC Forms and participant statements.  We also prepare IRS submission forms at the adoption or termination of your plan.