Problems A Plan Sponsor May Not Be Aware Of

By Ary Rosenbaum, Esq.

I knew a family member who would never go to the doctor for preventative care. She always reasoned that if she went to a doctor, that meant she was sick. That meant that her goal was avoiding the doctor at all costs. It’s silly that someone would avoid going to the doctor because many illnesses and diseases don’t show symptoms for a while. I’ve known people who died way too early because they didn’t seek out medical attention until it was too late. While not on the same level as life or death, plan sponsors act that way about their retirement plan. They only seek guidance and help after the errors have happened because they have a false sense of security about their plan, because their current providers tell them it’s OK. So this article is about the many hidden problems that plan sponsors may discover about their plans after the errors have gone untreated for quite some time just because they didn’t seek the preventative care a plan review would have taken care of.

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