About Us

About Us

Now more than ever, plan sponsors are looking for solutions that eliminate their many operational burdens and reduce their fiduciary risk. Martin, Martin, Randall & Associates delivers these solutions to clients from the very beginning.

During initial takeover, we perform our MMR Compliance Fitness Test, a mini audit that helps determine the current state of plan compliance and includes any recommended corrective action. In addition, we consult with clients on potential plan design solutions that will help improve the plan and achieve plan goals.

To help ensure we are doing our job MMR performs a 360 degree internal review of all plans on an ongoing basis resulting in the MMR Seal of Approval each year. This comprehensive plan review includes the results of a series of compliance checks and testing performed on the plan. The MMR Seal of Approval helps to ensure a clean audit, fewer operational burdens and reduced fiduciary risk. It also includes an evaluation of the current plan design, along with any recommended changes to maintain alignment with current plan goals.

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Why MMR?

MMR delivers value to not only our clients but also the advisors we work with via these benefits:

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